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      About Aix

      AIX has always focused on the overall solution of the assembled wall system, adhering to the design concept of innovation, fashion, technology and environmental protection, to provide customers with high quality, modular and assembled partition wall products.
      AIX is adhering to the European module partition manufacturing technology, for the Chinese market, combined with the needs of different fields, based on high-quality and excellent design, has a number of pre-made standard components with independent property rights, processing and manufacturing flexible and variable modular partition system, with The production of Zhejiang Jiashan Production Base, the establishment of the Brand Operation Center and the Kunshan R&D and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, after years of production and precipitation of building materials, covering areas including business office, banking, medical care and special customization, formed Integrated design, high-precision standardized production, centralized logistics and assembly-type installation services provide you with a comfortable, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly living environment with the most appropriate budget, safest and efficient construction speed.

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